A very easy way to lose weight…..IMHO

Yup, this is essentially my new way of eating.  Notice I said “new way of eating” instead of my new diet.  Because let’s face it, if you’re going to lose weight, you need to change your life, and I started with food.

I needed to find out what works for me.  And after trying Atkins, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, and any number of other ways to eat in hopes of losing weight, I was cruising for something that made sense to me.  I found a website that listed a shopping list food guide for low glycemic foods.  Hmmmmm….


So I’ve been eating foods only from that list. If you click on the url, you’ll see that it’s a quite extensive list.  The foods that are missing are foods that have been processed, or altered in any way.  Like bread — sugar — chips — cookies — soda — all gone from my house except for my coffee in the morning.  Two sugars and cream.  There are some things you just can’t forgo, y’know?


Okay, getting off the track here. Think about it. A hundred years ago,  there wasn’t any processed anything.  Meals were made from scratch with fresh foods and people didn’t have the weight and health issues that we have now.  It’s so simple.

I’ve lost eleven pounds in about six weeks or so.  Without a whole lot of exercising I might add.  Without being hungry. An added extra — I’m not as “brain foggy” as I was a few months ago.   This is what works for me.  I think it would actually work for a lot of people.  You just have to finally convince yourself that there is no magic pill or magic diet that you can ingest that will melt the pounds off you.  I finally got through to myself on that fact.

Just paint it !!!

Sweet Baboo and I have been kind of going around about our kitchen sink.  It needs to be replaced.


Some background.  We did a complete rehab on our kitchen something like 7 years ago.  Baboo had his eye on a composite kitchen sink.  Composite = $69 instead of the $350 sink that I wanted.  Frugal has never been my strong suit, and what I know about sinks could fit in a thimble.  I just let him go with it.

It wasn’t long after we installed said composite sink that I noticed a couple of hairline cracks.  Nothing severe, just visible if you got your face down about 3 inches from them.

Hairline cracks multiplied.  Stains started appearing and nothing would touch them.  Except for toilet bowl cleaner.  Which of course took the finish off the sink and made it worse, although it would be a bit whiter for awhile. The sink strainer and rim were losing their silver color.  I knew it was just a matter of time before my $350 sink would be sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be installed by Sweet Baboo and darling son in law, who is 75% plumber.

I have now been mentioning monthly that we need to get a new sink.  And monthly I have been given assorted excuses.

We’ll do it this winter.

We’ll do it this summer.

We’ll do it this spring.

We’ll do it after we get back from our camping trip.

We’ll do it after (insert favorite holiday here)


Somewhat fed up, I somewhat kiddingly told him that if I couldn’t get a new sink, then we should just paint the blasted thing because I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.


I now have a painted kitchen sink.

Honest, I can’t even make this stuff up.


Old Dog, New Tricks

I have always been a warm weather walker.  It never occurred to me that I should be anything else.  No walking until it hit 50 degrees for this chick, thank you very much

But I’ve noticed recently, especially since I’m supposed to be exercising every day, that there is a lot of information out there regarding cold weather walking.  It’s said that you will burn more calories walking in colder weather. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is even more information  next week that it’s NOT good for you. The media will always write what they want and twist the facts to agree with their article. But that’s a rant for another day.

All that aside, I’ve been walking every day — even in colder weather.  Except for yesterday, which was totally out.  Blowing a gale it was and only 30 degrees. I’ve watched enough meteorologists going through their wind chill routines to know enough to stay inside.

Today it was 32 degrees with a pretty gusty breeze but nothing like yesterday.  I wore two pairs of knitted pants, a long-sleeved tee-shirt, a turtle neck shirt, a Columbia 3 in 1 jacket, a Polartec around the back of my head earmuffs, my slouchy hat that I knitted for myself over the earmuffs, my wool socks, a scarf around my neck and my leather mittens.  Yes, as a matter of fact,  I did look like a lot Randy of A Christmas Story fame.

But I was warm!  That jacket blocked all the wind, my ears and hands were toasty, I had my scarf loosely covering my mouth and nose.  It was almost sort of empowering that I was out exercising even though conditions weren’t ideal.  By the time I got home 30 minutes later having gotten my mile and a half din, I was actually sweating a little bit under all that.  {Note to self — look into polypropylene for a base layer.}

All this cold weather clothing put me in mind of when I was a little twig in the north of New York state with all the snow, cold and ice that it had to offer.

#1 — I hated oatmeal (lovingly called porridge by my grandparents)

#2 — I hated that I had to wear ski pants to school (So what if it was supposed to be -20 degrees, wearing ski pants was NOT COOL, even though it was back in the days that girls wore dresses to school.)

#3 — I hated wearing winter hats and boots

And I can imagine my grandparents conversation, looking down at me.

“Bernice, she’s finally wearing proper winter clothing!!”

Walter, she’s eating porridge!!”

Yep, only took me 57 years!!

What’s old is new again!!

Sweet Baboo and I watch our two granddollies on Monday afternoons while their parents work.  They’re five and two and a half now and love to glue pompoms and buttons and other scraps of paper onto big pieces of paper.  They love to have me make them a tent/fort/cave with a card table with a couple of blankets thrown over the top.  They love having their pillows and blankets in the tent/fort/cave with them, along with assorted babies and snacks.

 And coolest of cool — they LOVE watching Fraggle Rock on Netflix.  Their mother adored that show when she was little and their dad told me that he also loved watching it.  I’m thrilled that I don’t have to listen to Dora and Boots for awhile. =). Not that there’s anything wrong with Dora and Boots, but if you’ve seen one you’ve seen all 800.

 Today the granddollies also discovered the animated series, so they have even more episodes to watch.  Isn’t it incredibly cool that a twenty something year old program still has the legs to attract a new generation of viewers!!!


Sweet Baboo decided a few weeks ago that Netflix would fill a yawning hole in our viewing pleasure.   Being a self-proclaimed documentary loving geek, I totally agreed and voila, we signed up.

Immediately, I started queuing up space and universe documentaries. Total heaven!!  LOVE those shows and in HD they’re even better. Maybe it’s because I was watching so many that a lot of what was being said actually stuck with me.

And this just boggles my mind.

When you look up at the night sky, you will see about 2,500 stars with the naked eye at any point anywhere on earth.  There are about 5800 to 8000 visible stars total. However, astronomers estimate that there are about 200 BILLION stars contained within our galaxy, The Milky Way.  This is an artist’s rendition , of course.  But still.  It’s a pretty spiral galaxy, isn’t it?

So, 200 or so billion stars in our galaxy, which is actually an average sized  galaxy.  Dwarf galaxies can have as little as 10 million or so stars, and gigantic mega monstrous galaxies can have as many as 10 trillion.

And how many galaxies are there? Conservative estimates are placed at between 100 and 200 billion.  Other estimates put it at around 500 billion.

And with these numbers in mind, a rough estimate of stars in the universe are set at 10 sextillion  and 1 septillion stars.  Lottsa stars.  Uber stars. More than we can ever count. Kinda makes you step back and think, doesn’t it?

I used Universe Today with all of their fabulous articles to assemble the facts that I’ve listed.  It’s a great resource for anything space or universe related.  I like to get lost in their pages — I never know where I’ll end up. (No pun intended!)

And then life smacks me up side the head —- with a shovel!!!

Y’know how cranky you can get when it’s two in the morning and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a week?  Well…….

A little lady came into work today to make an appointment.  She could only give us her insurance ID numbers, because she didn’t have her insurance card and wasn’t able to get it because she has a restraining order against her husband.  She is essentially hiding out from him, because her address is the other side of the state, although she gave us an address from our part of the state that she said was safe. I sincerely hope that it is.  There were still bruises on her face and a cut on her upper lip.  And she was limping.  I shudder to think of what the rest of her looked like. Her glasses were of course a casualty of his latest drunken or drug induced rage.

This little lady weighed maybe 110 pounds.  Just the fact that she was able to extricate herself from an intolerable situation shows her strength and courage.  He, on the other hand, needs to have a particular part of his anatomy nailed to a barn floor with a rusty nail, and then handed a rusty spoon.  Then drop a match on the floor. He’ll have a choice to make.  Nuff said.

And I was complaining about a little Sweet Baboo clutter.   :(  Shame on me.

Moral of the story — don’t blog when you’re overtired, it will surely come back and bite you on the ass.

On the road to minimalism!!!

Yep, it’s official — I’ve gotten to a place in my life where more is definitely way TOO more!!  I have a constant urge to cull, purge, toss, pare.  Clutter is making me NUTS!!  And it’s not like I have so much clutter — but just enough to irritate and nudge at me.  I’m sitting in the living room at 2:28 in the morning (sleeplessness, just another service offered by menopause) looking around and making a mental list of what I want to throw out.  So far, it’s 3 pictures that don’t go with anything (I don’t think there’s a room in this world that they would go with) a box of toys that the dollies don’t play with, and a pile of magazines.

The urge to accrue has passed. The only want I have now is to walk into a room and feel calm and peace — not feel like my heart wants to beat itself out of my chest.

So what’s the problem you ask?  Why am I whining?  Why aren’t I getting out the trash bags and having at it all?

Sweet Baboo.

He keeps bringing “stuff” in to the house but nothing leaves.  A human version of a Macafee antivirus program.  And for all their manliness and toughness, oh, those fragile egos to be tiptoed around!!

I understand his frugality and his love of getting something for nothing.  Case in point — he recently brought home 3 lamps and 2 end tables from a house giving these things away.  No matter that they go with nothing we own.  No matter that they don’t even go with each other!!!  He has this idea in his head that he will make them fit somewhere.  And of course they don’t.

So how do you on the one hand tell him that you appreciate his efforts but on the other hand,  for the luvvaGod get this crap out of our house?

This is the kind of thing that keeps me lying awake at 2:28 in the morning when I should be sleeping.

Such possibilities…….

I bought myself two nice, new, expensive (for me at least) notebooks.  Amazon calls them  journals.  I think notebooks are probably cheaper and journal sounds so la-dee-dah.  This is them.  Or is it they?  Anyway, here are my notebooks/journals. See?

And a brand new, never been bitten Bic pen.  Ahhhhhh………..

The reason being, I got an idea in my head that journaling would be good for my soul, or something like that.  At the very least, I could write down the randomness that invades my brain some nights that keep me from sleeping.  I like the idea of no one knowing what I’m writing, (mwah-ah-ah-hah) not that I have such fabulous secrets to keep to myself. I must write myself a note to make a list of promising secrets that I could write about.

But really, am I the only person in the world that loves, I mean really LOVES a brand new notebook and a brand new pen, to the point that it’s hard to make myself begin writing in it?  I look at it, all nice and new and shiny (the edges of both notebooks/journals are shiny gold, maybe that’s what makes them journals! :) ) and the fabulous possibilities of what I could write, and how extraordinarily neatly I could write with that new, unbitten Bic pen, paralyzes me.

I’ve walked past them for three days now — just giving them a passing glance, don’t want them to think they’ve got the upper hand.  But even now, I can hear them taunting me from my craft room.

But in spite of all my grand ideas and literary dreams,  I’ll probably use them for grocery lists and keeping track of stitches when I’m knitting, or just notes to remind myself of something I’ll probably forget anyway.  Or some such like.

But, oh the possibilities………

A Little Happy Holidays Venting

Christmas Eve day, I went to our local grocery store for a couple of things.  There were two young ladies, probably high school age, that were ringing their bells for the Salvation Army.  I could hear them saying “Happy Holidays” as I came through the door and was smiling to myself because it’s not often you see young people volunteering.

As soon as that thought went through my brain, I heard an old Biddy who was walking out as I was walking in  say to the girls, “I was going to give you a dollar but you said Happy Holidays to me instead of Merry Christmas so now I’m not going to.”  The two girls looked at each other in disbelief; I looked at the old Biddy and said, “Seriously?  You think they can read minds?”  The Biddy then shot me a murderous look and kept on going. Everybody in the area stopped talking and turned to look.  The girls looked mortified.

(Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do take extreme exception to any kind of bullying.  I’m normally pretty placid until something like this happens, then my mama bear rears her head.)

So, she implies that she’s a Christian by rejecting the Happy Holidays greeting, that Merry Christmas is what she will accept and no other. Is she doing this because she is truly offended that Merry Christmas has been replaced by Happy Holidays? Does she think the girls are implying that she is of a religion other than Christian?  Does she not have a dollar in her pocket to give them?

Well, I thought a good Christian was supposed to be tolerant of other religions, which is what Happy Holidays is all about.  Perhaps she is one of those that wears her religion on her arm for all to see, but inside she considers herself such a good church-going person that she doesn’t have to adhere to Christian teachings.

I know people who are devoted to their religion and follow the doctrine in every aspect of their lives.  I also know people who aren’t fans of organized religion. Both are kind, tolerant and accepting of others.

If The Biddy truly felt that Happy Holidays was a personal affront, she could have acknowledged it with her own “Merry Christmas” just to prove her point and then been on her way. She could have worn a button that is prevalent in our area this year that says, “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas to me.” Instead, she chose to be a Grinch to two kids that were volunteering for a charity.  She certainly gave them a lesson about the joys of volunteering, didn’t she?  I hope this doesn’t turn them off from volunteering again.

Happy Holidays to me is the best way we have to acknowledge that there are several different celebrations going on at this time of year.  It’s not a definitive solution, but we live in a very imperfect world.  Pleasing everybody may not be possible, but trying to get along with everybody should be. Practice being kind.  If being kind isn’t an option, then being still should be. Taking a stand on every little thing is just too exhausting.  Save your energy for the things that really matter.

Wow, been off the radar screen for a bit, eh?

It’s been almost a year! Yeah, FB sucked me back in — however, I’m off again, thanks to their ingenious new layout, which is incomprehensible to me and since I can’t find anything, there’s no use in being active in it. I’ll probably check in to the wretched “blue site” now and then to see what’s going on with my upcoming 40th (gulp) class reunion slated for July 2012 or thereabouts.

I’ve started knitting again — it was just too hot this summer in Connecticut to even just hold yarn, let alone make it in to something.  I have to hand it to diehard knitters — maybe it’s the hot flashes but I don’t find any satisfaction knitting in 90 degree weather.  It’s going to be socks all around for all 3 grands this year.  I’ve got one sock almost done but my camera is in the shop (Yes, my brand new, just bought it in Niagara Falls camera that took the place of my old camera that Ed and I dropped on Table Rock in Niagara Falls!! )  At any rate, it should be back soon and I’ll have lots of pictures to post then, of both the Falls and kiddo socks!!

And as I like to say to everybody I meet, if you’ve never been to Niagara Falls, get yourself a passport and by all means GO!!  All the television shows and documentaries do not do it justice.

More later.  I promise.