Unconscious Mutterings #288

  1. Crankiness ::my mood right now — it’s 2:06 am in CT and I can’t sleep
  2. Backpack ::Dora (GrandDolly’s new best friend, Dora, has a backpack that sings)
  3. Clone ::identical
  4. High ground ::what I wish politicians would take instead of mudslinging each other
  5. Dreams ::what I wish I was having right now (sigh)
  6. Lovingly ::nurturing
  7. Mistake ::uh-oh
  8. Carson ::Johnny
  9. Errand ::run
  10. Dozen ::dirty

Unconscious Mutterings #287

  1. Memory :: Hmmm, I had one of those once
  2. Original ::prototype
  3. Exclusively :: umm, belonging to one only?
  4. Listings ::ebay
  5. Bucket :: nice (inside joke – my co-workers and I deal with many people and we say that our “nice bucket” has a hole in it and we run out of nice before the end of the day)
  6. Knight ::in Shining Armor (Jude Devereaux time travel book, I recommend it if you haven’t read it)
  7. Dusty ::Springfield
  8. Choice ::Sophie’s
  9. Sunlight ::good/bad
  10. Change of plans ::unavoidable, some times

Unconscious Mutterings #276

  1. Track ::meet
  2. Snake ::in the grass
  3. Assignment ::notebook (loved those when I was a kid in school)
  4. Blockbuster ::Video
  5. Bombastic ::a speaker/writer too full of themselves
  6. Adventure ::nothing comes to mind, so I guess I probably need one in my life
  7. First time ::every time (it’s from a commercial of some sort but I can’t remember what it was for.
  8. Aged ::cheese or wine or my back
  9. Grip ::get a (get a grip, get it?)
  10. Shortcut ::desktop or a quick way to get to Grandma’s house through the woods