Signs of Spring


To me, spring is yellow — daffodils, jonquils, and forsythia. And spring is violet, crocuses poking through the ground. But the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind, so even though these yellow and purple things say that spring is almost here, the one thing that definitely makes it 200mcqhouwren.jpgspring is when our house wren comes back. We have a nesting box that Sweet Baboo made and the wrens return every year. I think that this is the fifth year. The male (we call him Jeffrey, for some odd reason) came back about 10 days ago. Early for him, he usually doesn’t show up until the first week of May. He arrives and immediately starts driving off any other birds that are thinking that they want to get into the nesting box. (It’s actually quite funny to watch — the hole in the house is just about 2″ in diameter — much too small for a sparrow to get into, but that doesn’t stop them from banging their empty little heads through the hole, trying their hardest to get in. I think to myself that Jeffrey is sitting in the hedge laughing at the antics.) Jenny Wren (Jeffrey’s wife) will be along shortly, after he’s gotten everything in order. He’s already built the nest in the box and has pretty much let every bird in the immediate area that he’s back and don’t mess with him.


This is a nice pic of the forsythia in our yard, very close up. Click for full size. If you enlarge the picture, it looks like there’s a bug or something on the right petal.


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