Our GrandDolly Came to Visit!!


Our granddaughter is almost 9 months old and creeping everywhere so it’s loads of fun and lots of aerobic workout when she comes to visit. Sweet Baboo and I took her out for a walk in her stroller tonight — 10 minutes into the walk and she’s sound asleep. We are just patheticJosie and Ed grandparents — she’s our first — even when she presents us with a dirty diaper, we act like it’s the second coming!! We’re just so in love with her — it doesn’t hurt that she has a fabulous personality and is cuter than a bug’s ear. Did I mention how pathetic we are? Because we really are! We are lucky that we get to see her quite often — our daughter and her husband live only about 3 minutes from us. My daughter has great memories of her grandmother and I have such great memories of my grandmother — I will do my best that Josie will have fond memories of me and Grampy. It’s such a different relationship with a grandchild. I was told this time and again before Josie was born, and I just couldn’t get my head around it, but it is definitely true. I seem to be able to enjoy her so much more than I was my own daughter — of course, my life has come about 180 degrees from what it was 30 years ago and it’s amazing how much better everything in general looks when you have enough money, a decent house to live in, and no child worries. So, we get down on the floor and chase each other up and down the hall and just in general, act like mushes with her, which of course we are! This is a cute pic of Josie and Ed (Sweet Baboo) and it’s clickable if you would like to see it full size.


3 thoughts on “Our GrandDolly Came to Visit!!

  1. Oh, she IS a doll! Grandbabies are the best – you get to have all the good times – and then send them home! I was so amazed at how much more patience I had with the grandbabies, than with my own kids when I was young and harried as I was raising them. I know what you mean about the differences in times.

  2. Marcy

    I agree Jackie — I don’t EVER remember having this much patience with my daughter – nor do I remember feeling so sick at heart just hearing her cry, like I do with Dolly. You think sometimes that you’re still the same person that you always were, but when you work a grandchild into the equation, you can see just how much you have changed!! Take care.

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