One Wild and Crazy Quilt


Crazy Quilt

This is the initial layout — I’ll probably walk by it 20 times and twist a block or swap one for another. I hope it’s not to wild for my niece’s taste. I really like it — much more than I thought I would. Please feel free to leave comments — I’ll be sewing it up in a day or so and getting it off to my friend for the long arm quilting. The MotherBlessing is the first week of July so I’m really cutting it close. Click the thumbnail for the larger pic.

My friend at work has decided that it should be named Tetris.


5 thoughts on “One Wild and Crazy Quilt

  1. Marcy

    Probably a plain border, maybe something a bit tamer to offset the chaos — I’m still twisting squares — I’ll know when I get it exactly right and I’m so glad that you like it!!

  2. inlandempiregirl

    What beautiful fabric. I missed out on any sewing/quilting genes in my family. Now I want to learn it all. I had a dear friend that was going to teach me to quilt, but she died suddenly last year. Very sad. I am still determined!

  3. Marcy

    Thanks — I’m so sorry about your friend. The only instruction I had was a couple of sewing projects when I was in junior high school — my first few quilts were trial and error. Even this one I’m considering naming “Love You Three Times” because it seems like that’s how many times I had to “unsew” it!

  4. It’s gonna be great! My aunt Hazel has made numerous quilts over the years for family members and I have loved the ones she has made for me, even though the colors weren’t ones I would have chosen. The love that goes into a quilt – supercedes any of its components – in my opinion anyway.

    I’ve made a few quilts myself, and the work that goes into them is magnanimous – even without unsewing 3 times!

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