Ayup, socks!! I have knitted the odd sweater over the years — and I’ve probably made 75 square dishcloths out of 4/4 cotton — but decided that I needed to try something different. Thought I needed some needles — the DPNs that all the knitters talk about (double point needles — see how fast I’m picking this up?) So I went to my local yarn shop, which I had never been in before. Big mistake. HUGE!@!! Can you believe that I walked out of there with $50 less in my yarnchecking account? Nobody told me that it was possible to fall in love with yarn and all the doodads and absolutely have to have it all — never mind that the price is $17.95 for 100 grams of yarn. This is the color that I got — just love it. According to the label (this yarn comes from Germany) it’s supposed to be enough to make one pair of socks. Or at least I think that’s the little hieroglyphics are trying to say. (For all I know, they’re might be saying “the eagle flies at midnight.) The yarn seems to be saying also that it is infused with aloe and jojoba oil. So — all at once, a little voice in my head told me “you would be three kinds of a fool if you use this yarn to make socks — which, may I remind you, you don’t know how to do yet.” Smart little voice. I mosied mosyed strolled over to the bargain bin and found 2 skeins that were buy one get one free (my favorite words next to Blue Light Special) . Granted, I had to buy bigger needles because the yarn is heavier but they were on sale too. So far I’ve ripped out the cuff at least 4 times, but each time I learn something from it. I’ll tell you, knitting with 3 needles is something that takes some practice. I’m still not very good at it, and the needles have a mind and agenda of their own. So — not only am I down to the wire on my great niece’s quilt, I’m trying to teach this old dog new tricks. More later.


2 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Did you get those little rubber thingys to put on each end of your double pointed needles so the stitches don’t slide off? Too bad they can’t make mini circular needles with stretchy stuff between the points, so they are flexible enough to use, but small enough to make socks, etc.

  2. Marcy

    No, I’ll be sure to get some tho — I keep pulling the wrong DPN (gosh, don’t I sound like I know what I’m doing) and voila, I have 14 or 15 stitches that I have to pick back up. I will say tho that I’ve gotten quite proficient at it!!

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