Vertigo Episode


Let me tell you, this scared the daylights out of me!! I had a dizzy sensation about 6 weeks ago that lasted for about 3 hours — nausea, rocking and reeling, ears buzzing, sweating — but, I had been having some problems with high BP and a sinus infection so I thought that I had possibly overdone the decongestants. Anyway, after 3 hours it was over. The next day I felt kind of strange and disassociated from myself, also my head felt kind of “cottony” and my body just felt so tired. I figured it was a one time occurrence.

Then it happened again yesterday. Out of nowhere, I bent over to kiss GrandDolly who was sitting on the floor, then stood up and nearly went over on my back. The room was spinning like crazy. I walked very carefully to the living room while steadying myself against the furniture and walls, then sat on the sofa for about an hour, just staring out the window at the horizon. It was the only thing that would make my head stop!! About 3 hours later, it was over, but the nausea and clamminess stayed with me for quite awhile. I called the doctor and was able to get in — after some rudimentary testing, he says he believes it to be vertigo and it seems to be triggered by sinus problems — I have another slight sinus infection. He has referred me to an ears, nose and throat guy to see what’s going on in my ears. Same thing again today — strange feeling, tired, and cottony head. PCP told me to use my nose spray twice as much as I was using it — hopefully it will drain my head and preclude this from happening again anytime soon. So that’s my tale of woe!! It’s such fun getting older!!


6 thoughts on “Vertigo Episode

  1. That sounds soooo Scary! My dad was experiencing dizziness. . .and they checked his carotid arteries (each side of neck) for blockages. (CT scan or MRI) Nothing there, but it eliminated stroke possibilities. Dizziness runs in our family from inner ear problems, but it usually doesn’t last more than a few minutes – or is intermittent (off and on).

    I also get dizzy sometimes when the blood sugar is low. Eating helps.

    Hope you get to the bottom of this soon, and the “spells” stop!

  2. inlandempiregirl

    That does sound scary. Especially to last so long. I am glad they may know what it is. You are right… there are drawbacks to getting older. I hope you were still able to enjoy that darling granddolly.

  3. Marcy

    Thanks for the good wishes — and I had a great time with GrandDolly up until I got dizzy!! Knowing what it is that’s happening makes it so much better and I will know if there is a next time what it is. Pinehurst, I get the same thing when the blood sugar drops — also kind of scary, when you can’t get food into you fast enough!!

  4. I didn’t realize this is another ‘age’ thing – what the heck do they mean about the ‘golden’ years????

    I’ve been experiencing the same thing, but as I have a sinus cold, and have had it before, it isn’t quite as scary. I still have my moments when I wonder if I’m breathing my last – but it passes. 🙂

    Glad you got to the bottom of the problem and hope it clears up quickly.

    Oh – I also drink my coffee 1/2 creamer and 1/2 coffee in the mornings. Two hours later, my head starts spinning from the sugar, and I feel really faint. I’ll grab something and eat it – and it’s gone. (Wouldn’t you think I’d learn to eat something first? LOL)

  5. Marcy

    Jackie, I don’t think it’s an age thing, (although I believe dizziness is another symptom of menopause) — it just seems that the older I get, the more my body seems to break down a little more!! And I have no idea what they mean by “golden” years — because mine seem to be made of tinfoil these days!! 😉

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