Ambling around the yard


Just took a spin around to see what is new and blossomed. All of these pictures are clickable so you can see them full size.

first peony

This is my first peony of the year. I bought 3 peony plants a few years ago in a Woman’s Day magazine — two of them blossom every year and the third has never gotten bigger than a foot high and doesn’t blossom. I just love peonies. Can’t say the same for the ants that help them flower.

King of kingsThis is a Siberian Iris (King of Kings, I think. I could be wrong. I’m not very good at remembering the names.) Blossoms beautifully by the front step every year. It gets about 2 feet tall. I have another one out back that is a beautiful purple color, but every year I forget about it until the blossoms are all gone. I think I did it again this year.

pinkThis little pink posey I’m sure has a name but I don’t know what it is, or forgot it if I ever knew. It’s a cute little mound of green and pink that just sits beside my step and keeps growing year after year. It was a little bit of a thing when I planted it — about a foot across now, it’s only about 6″ high. I think someone told me that it like concrete so I should plant it by the steps. (That sounds a little bizarre, doesn’t it?)

Bleeding heartThis is my ten year old bleeding heart. This plant will bloom almost until frost. I’ve never known a bleeding heart to do this, but I think it’s because it’s protected by the house and gets the sun at the end of the day. It was also a little bit of a thing when I put it in. Actually this is the second spot it’s been in. It didn’t do so well at first in another part of the yard, so I moved it. Been doing great ever since.


And this is our crazy doo dah cat, Sadiemae. I call it “Anticipation”. Can you see the nesting box just above her head? I think she’s hoping that a bird will fall out of the nesting box and into her mouth. Always optimistic, that one. The sparrows don’t say much, but I can always tell when she is sitting below the wren’s box because they squawk like the dickens.


3 thoughts on “Ambling around the yard

  1. Beautiful flowers. Before we sold my grandma’s house, my mom and I transplanted her peony plants to our gardens. So our plants are about 35 years old. Mom’s is flourishing and she has beautiful blooms every year. She is the one with a green thumb. Mine are not quite as big and bountiful, but they are still there. I think it is where I have them planted. I plan to transplant them in the fall.
    I hope to pass these plants down to my children and keep the legacy alive.

  2. Your flowers look great! I’m so envious of your bleeding heart. I’ve heard a few people say that theres bloom all summer, and I’ve never seen one that did. Just the spring blossoms.

    I brought a peony up here to the hill when T and I married five years ago. Every year – nothing. This year it is finally going to bloom! I’m out there checking those little buds every day – so excited about it. I wasn’t even sure if I brought pink or white – but can tell now that it is white. They aren’t near ready to open here yet, though.

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