Sunday Scribblings #63 Spicy


This week’s Sunday Scribblings is “Spicy”. I do not like spicy food. Not for lack of trying. I have tried jalapeno peppers and chilies and so on. It just doesn’t flip my skirt.

A few years ago, Sweet Baboo and I went to NM for a few days. On the way back to Albuquerquechili peppers from Las Cruces, we stopped in Hatch — billed as the Chile capital of the world. We got off US 25 and drove through this little burg that is literally surrounded by chile fields, which is in turn surrounded by the desert. In town, everywhere you looked were dried chiles, chiles in baskets, chiles in bags, braided chiles — you get the idea. The only thing you could smell was the aroma of chile. Even now if I think about it, I can remember what the town smelled like and even though I don’t eat it, the fragrance was pleasing.

Hatch throws a Chile Festival every Labor Day weekend. If you’d like to read more about it, click here.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #63 Spicy

  1. inlandempiregirl

    Great way to use spicy. Chalk up another way we are alike. I hate hot spicy. I can do mild taco sauce and that is about it. I almost wrote about the constant conversation every time our family gathers… ” now remember she doesn’t like it spicy or hot… don’t add hot peppers.” More poor JEJ just has to get hot, spicy stuff on his own.

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