I think I’ve finally made the decision


So far, I’ve managed to keep this blog theme for more than 12 hours. The picture is one that I took through my front door window looking into the street. I’m actually pretty happy with it. Maybe my “theme jumping” is finally over.

And on a lighter note…….

Is there such a thing as a 12 step program for obsessive bloggers? “Hello, my name is Marcy and I’m a blogging addict.” Something will happen during the day and I immediately have this phrase running through my head “remember to blog that later”.

It was actually a good day to write. I got up later than usual to a grey, dismal, drizzly day that progressed rather quickly to a dark, rainy and stormy day. I just love morning thunderstorms, even more so when I am inside warm and cozy in my jim-jams, drinking my first java of the day and watching the weather outside. A lot of people say that on rainy days, the most that they want to accomplish is cozying up on the sofa with an afghan and a good book. Although that is very tempting, I often will go the other way — I will get a lot of work done around the house, then when the weather has cleared, I won’t have any chores calling me to get them done before I venture outside.

Speaking of outside, I was looking out the window and saw that Sweet Baboo’s poppies have gone by, so I will get out tomorrow morning with the clippers and clean them up. I also still have a couple of plants to go into the rock garden.


4 thoughts on “I think I’ve finally made the decision

  1. I love your header picture, Marcy! The whole thing, lacy curtains, etc. – feels really homey and welcoming.

    I’m with the group that wants to curl up with a book when it’s nasty out!

    As for blogging – it affects us all differently. I’ve ‘quit’ twice, thinking I didn’t have enough time. And then I miss it – and wonder what people are doing. There is no getting around the fact, though, that it takes a LOT of time.

  2. Marcy

    Thanks Jackie — I feel good when I look at my blog now. Funny how sometimes you know something isn’t quite right but you have to work at it to figure out what it is that needs to be adjusted — does that even make sense?
    Also funny — I’ve “quit” twice myself — both times with blog sites other than WordPress — just couldn’t get it right I guess. This time I’m much happier with it. What takes me the most time is reading every blog that I want to read — and then you look at their blogroll and oh, that one looks good and that one looks good etc.

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