Has the world gone nuts?


Just what has Paris Hilton done to garner so much publicity? Or for that matter, Anna Nicole Smith? Or Britney? Well, okay Britney is/was a singer of sorts, but I just don’t get the other two and I still don’t totally understand Britney. It’s because of examples like these that I don’t watch television any more than necessary — and it’s usually PBS when I do. Ditto for radio — and I try not to read anything on a computer’s homepage. From where I sit, the media has way more influence and power than it should. And I don’t agree with the “the people have a right to know” mindset. Just because they have the right, it doesn’t always mean that they should. Or that it should be mandatory, shoved down your throat on every channel.

Thanks, I feel better.


3 thoughts on “Has the world gone nuts?

  1. I was ranting about this last night! I told T that it doesn’t say anything good about us – that this is our lead news. For God’s sake, there is plenty going on in the world that is truely ‘newsworthy’….why do they have to give us ‘tabloid’ stories on what is supposed to be the news?!?!

  2. inlandempiregirl

    I also couldn’t have said it better myself. I love the new picture on your banner. When school is out I am going to play with pictures more .

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