My favorite gardening tip


I have a problem weeding with gloves on. I just can’t seem to “feel” the roots through the gloves, never sure if I got them all or not. Sweet Baboo and I have this discussion several times each summer, because I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and manage to get it in spite of all of the clothing that I wear to discourage it. Plus my argument is that the cat rolls around in the poison ivy and then brings it into the house for me. It’s the only time that she pays any attention to me — she wants to roll all over me and transfer the oil from her coat to me.  I know this for a fact because I always get a nice swatch of rash across my calves, just about kitty cat high. There’s no way that I was laying in it and got it just on the backs of my legs.

Sorry about that screaming left turn.  Back to the subject.

I’m sure that many, many people have thought of this and have done it for years, but I mentioned it to several people at work and they hadn’t heard of it. So. You know how you get dirt under your fingernails from weeding? Usually your only alternative is to soak them or wash dishes or dig under your nails with a file or brush the daylights out of them. I have an easier way. Turn on your garden hose and make sure the pressure is real high. Then aim the water under your nails. No more dirt. No pain under the nails from digging the dirt out. Clean nails without gloves. Love it!!


4 thoughts on “My favorite gardening tip

  1. That really does work. Someone once told me about getting a bar of soap and scraping it with your nails before weeding and that would keep the dirt out. I tried that also but then had to scrape the soap out. I’ll stick with the high pressure water hose.

  2. inlandempiregirl

    Thanks for the tip. I again, just like you hate to wear gloves. I also give up on trying to have pretty nails in the summer. My husband has the same trouble with poison ivy and we have a hill covered with it. Yes, the cats come and jump in his lap also.

  3. Marcy, the high pressure hose is all that works for me, as well. I’d heard the tip about the soap under the nails, but my soap is long gone before the weeds are! I try to use my gloves if I am going to be going somewhere, within a few days of weeding, because although I can get the dirt out from under my nails – I can’t do a thing about the ground in black fingers!

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