Sunday Scribblings #64 — Eccentricity


I seem to keep going in different directions with this week’s Sunday Scribblings #64 Eccentricity. I’m having the same problem that I’ve had all week — my focusing gene has gone on the fritz for some unknown reason.

It appears to me that we are all to one extent or another eccentric. After all, who wants to be a cookie cutout of the person sitting next to you? Our differences make us unique and interesting.

The dictionary defines eccentric as an adjective or noun used by a person who thinks that your behavior is not within their norm. Kind of a narrow minded view, wouldn’t you say? So really — who’s to say what is eccentric and what isn’t? Where is the line?

I think that one of the lessons of tolerance should be that as long as what someone else is doing is not hurting you, leave it alone.

Just my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #64 — Eccentricity

  1. I agree! It’s sort of like defining ‘normal’ – what is and what isn’t? There’s a wide range there.

    Funny you should bring the subject up today….I was putting out clean hand towels this morning because company was coming….and I was wondering if I’m a little weird with my hand towel phobias. You see, even though I put out clean ones before anyone comes – as soon as they leave, I will throw them in the wash and put out clean ones again! I don’t want to dry my hands on towels that ANYONE other than my own immediate family has used.

    I suppose it’s a little weird. Afterall, one should be able to assume that the person using the towel would have first WASHED their hands, and therefore, the towel would be ‘clean’, shouldn’t one?

    Well, maybe. I’m changing it anyway.

  2. Marcy

    I would change the towels too — as I always have, just like you. If it soothes your/our peace of mind, who is it hurting? And I like to think that the “germ” phobia has been planted in our minds by the almighty media — I don’t know how we are not all obsessive compulsive hand washers after listening to them for any amount of time!!

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