Mission accomplished!!!


Yup, finished them last night. They are wool and just having them on for the 3 or 4 minutes it took me to get a good shot, my feet were sweating! I am SOOOOOO going to enjoy these when winter comes around again!! I’ve already started a pair for Sweet Baboo in a pretty blue. Men always seem to take more interest in something that ultimately is for them and he is no different — peering over my shoulder to see how I’m doing, asking questions — he’s so cute!

I’m planning to cull my fabric stash this weekend — I’ve just got so much stuff in the closet and boxes that’s just sitting — hopefully, I will be able to list on ebay and make a few $$$ to support my new yarn habit. On the one hand, yarn can be mega expensive — but on the other, it ain’t your grandmother’s acrylic yarn that you buy at the five and dime!! The colorways are gorgeous and the hand is soft and fabulous — some yarns even have aloe embedded in the yarn!!! You’ve come a long way baby!!


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