Sunday Scribblings #65 – I’ve got a secret


I’m really late this week for the Sunday Scribblings — it’s probably just about time that another topic is put up — but I was reading InlandEmpireGirl’s post on her blog,
Gathering Around the Table
and liked her list of secrets. So, if you wouldn’t mind too terribly much InlandEmpireGirl, I am going to copy your idea this week and add ten or so of my own secrets.

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is people that can’t use correct grammar. For example, saying I seen instead of I saw or saying she and me instead of she and I. (I must have been a frustrated English teacher in another life.) It irks me no end.
  2. My favorite type of book to read is about time traveling back to medieval Scotland. I’ve read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series several times and love Lynn Kurland. For some reason, I always feel slightly sneaky when I read one — probably because they’re kind of fluffy and because I’ve never told anybody how much I like them.
  3. My perfect vacation would be either sitting on a New England beach (it always conjures a sense of nostalgia in me for some reason) or camping in the mountains, preferably the Adirondacks.
  4. I will always eat chicken or fish before steak — extremely well done steak!!
  5. My favorite drink at a restaurant is a frozen Margarita with extra salt — at home, it’s Smirnoff Green Apple malt beverage.
  6. I had a mole removed 22 years ago that was malignant melanoma — but as you can see I’m still here. I am a very lucky duck. Darn those blond haired, green eyed Scottish ancestors of mine!!
  7. I don’t wear contact lenses due to extreme dryness — and also because my glasses cover up the circles under my eyes.
  8. I wear dresses at home almost all the time in the summer but I wear slacks to work.
  9. My very first car was a 1965 Dodge Monaco — with a 383 4 bbl carburetor — and it passed everything but a gas station. I also had a piece of 2 x 4 that I had to throw under the back tire because it would roll backwards. Park didn’t hold very well, but hey, what do you expect for $325, eh?
  10. I have always been a bit more than slightly bossy (probably because I spent so many years as an office manager) but as I have gotten older, I am more than happy to let the younger people do their own thing without my input. I guess that’s personal growth, right?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #65 – I’ve got a secret

  1. inlandempiregirl

    I am flattered that you used my format. I sat and thought and thought about serious secrets, but I wasn’t willing to share some of them. Let’s see… of course the grammar one is big with me since I am an English teacher! Thanks.. another book idea. I have always wanted to read the D.G. series and bought the first one… I better get on that. Oregon or Washington coast beach and camping for me. Love Margaritas and I guess I have another drink to try… the Sour Apple sounds good. I think also I have dropped the bossy role a bit also. My husband said I don’t sound so much like a teacher.
    Thanks for your list. Great stuff.

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