Just taking a little detour


Denim B

I’ve put aside Sweet Baboo’s socks for a bit (I think they will be so pretty when I finish them) — since the quilt is not going to be even close to done for my niece, I decided that I could at least knit a hat or two for the new offspring. (My daughter kept one on GrandDolly’s head until she was about 6 months old — I never realized how quickly baby dolls could get cold.)

Multi A

So here is a pic of just the ribbing. I’m still new to needles and yarns and how they affect gauge, so if this hat is too big, I will just make another one with smaller needles. The yarn that I bought for the hat (or hats, whichever the case may be) is Plymouth Encore Colors knitting worsted in what looks like jewel colors — no colorway name is mentioned on the label. This is the finished little hat. Didn’t turn out too bad, hmm?

Multi F

However, I think I may be spending a bit too much time at Woolworks. Do you remember watching Cheers and everyone yelling “Norm” when he walked through the door? That’s how I’m beginning to feel when I walk into the yarn shop — everyone yells “hey, Marcy”!!

In case you’re wondering, I took all of these pics on my big board ironing board, which is where I do just about everything craft related, because SB has confiscated my heavy duty table for the computer. If you see spots etc on the background, that’s why.

Oh and fabulous news!! I got a 🙂 on my mammogram report and my long arm quilting friend called to let me know that the quilt is done and I can pick it up!! Yipppeeeee!! It wouldn’t have mattered alot if it wasn’t done, but I’m very glad that it is. I’ll put the binding on this weekend and put on the label and it will be fini!!!


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