What’s Your Sign? — Sunday Scribblings #66


I believe in astrology about as much as I believe in fortune cookies. Let me rephrase that. I believe to a degree that your zodiac sign may tell something about you. But I don’t think making life altering decisions based on your horoscope is a good idea. However, just for a chuckle, I will compare my behavior and personality to what the “experts” say a Cancer would most likely act like.

The Moon in Cancer is the most subjective position of the Moon. The Moon is “at home” in the sign of Cancer, as the Moon is the natural ruler of the sign. oon in Cancer natives have a large potential to be able to get in touch with the feelings and moods of others.
Okay, I agree with that. I do tend to be a bit sensitive to people and their moods, body language, facial expressions, etc.

Often, they are quite wrapped up in themselves. That’s also true for me.

Their memories of the past are outstanding, especially for all things emotional.
Another yes. I can recite chapter and verse the wonderful memories of my childhood living with my grandparents.

Moon in Cancer people are never detached — they cling to things, (gotta say no to that one — I live to throw things out) their home, (another no – I do love our home, but I wouldn’t be devestated if we had to move into a smaller abode.) and people they care for. (That part is absolutely true. Well, not actually cling to people I care for, but they are always foremost in my mind.)

They seek out security and familiarity in all they do.

They look for peace and quiet.
(Big BIGhumungously large yes on that one!!)

Their attachment to all that is safe means they are a little leery of change.
(To a degree, maybe.)

These peace-loving souls dislike superficiality in all of its forms.
(Big HUGE agreement on that — I can’t stand fake people or their “putting on airs”!!!)

They are devoted and accommodating.
(Yes, but not to everybody)

The insecure ones accumulate things in an attempt to feel secure.
(I guess I’m very secure because I am in a constant state of un-accumulating)

Because of their strong attachment to, and memory of, the past, others may complain that Moon in Cancer natives tend to whip a dead horse.
(True — up to a point — I do like to talk about happy memories — maybe more often than people around me would like to hear.)

They may dwell on hurts long after everyone else has moved on.
(Can’t say that’s true – being angry and pouting uses up too much energy)

When they feel they have been taken for granted (which may be often!), they don’t always confront others directly.
(Definitely yes for the lack of confrontation)

In fact, these natives, when they are insecure, can become quite manipulative.
(I like to think that I have outgrown any manipulative tendencies that I may have had)

They can also be victims of habit. (???? Not sure what that means)

These people can have a hard time compartmentalizing their lives, simply because their watery Moon tends to know no boundaries. Sometimes, as a result, they may act irrationally. (Possibly??)

One of the most delightful characteristics of Moon in Cancer people is their loony sense of humor. These people can be extraordinarily funny. Their moodiness can baffle others, but their unique outlook on life is something most people can appreciate. (For absolutely sure)

When treated with tenderness and understanding, Moon in Cancer natives return the favor with warmth and protection. Give them security, and you’ll take the crabbiness out of the Crab, at least for awhile. (More yes’s — Sweet Baboo has this down to a science.)

These people are wonderfully dependable overall, despite their occasional mood swings. Make a friend of Moon in Cancer, and you will be taken care of for life.
(And still more yes’s)

So that’s kind of an interesting outcome — 14 yes’s to 5 no’s and 1 not sure. Although it’s not enough to make me consult my horoscope before making important life decisions, it’s a fun thing to do. It’s always interesting to read about what your personality is like and how or if you fit the profile given.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Sign? — Sunday Scribblings #66

  1. It is interesting to see how we fit into these kinds of profiles and personality tests. I have quite a bit in common with the general characteristics of my sign (Pisces) but, I agree, I don’t base my life decisions on what my daily horoscope tells me 🙂

  2. Like you, I wouldn’t make life altering decisions based on it – but I’ve seen too many people who have too many traits of their ‘signs’ to not believe that there is something to it.

  3. This is funny – you compared horoscopes to fortune cookies and I managed to somehow end up comparing them to cupcakes.

    Everyone believes in a fortune cookie though – right in front of you, weird plastic looking biscuit thing, odd spelling, mysterious messages and those ever present lucky numbers. What the hell do we need lucky numbers for anyway? Is the Count from Sesame Street going to leap out on me at some point in my day and say “A ha! Number 7! 1…2…3…4” Well, you get the point.

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