Knitting needle roll / case / holder complete!!


I’ve wanted one of these since I started all of this knitting stuff again. Seems like I had needles everywhere but where I needed them, plus my scissors kept disappearing (into my black hole sofa) and the ruler is constantly MIA. I thought it would take me WEEKS to finish one — it took me all of about an hour and most of that was deciding which fabric I wanted to use. The pattern looks real busy on the screen, but it doesn’t seem that way in person.

Case closed

I didn’t take a picture of it closed, but it’s more like a tri-fold wallet than an actual roll. I have a slot for my scissors and calculator so that 1/3 of the case is un-rollable. I also still have to put a ribbon on it to hold it closed — but I don’t want to deplete my creativity pool all tonight so I will do that another time.

Case open

My mom is a big time knitter and I think my aunt is also into it so I’ll probably be making a couple more when I get back from Vermont — which is coming up so quick!! Tomorrow I’ll be packing and double checking my lists, then we leave Thursday. I’ve already told Sweet Baboo that we need to stop at Ben & Jerry’s on our way through. The Vermont Country Store is another great place to stop — lots of nostalgia items (think CrackerBarrel Restaurants, if there are any in your area) and things that your grandmother couldn’t do without. It’s the only place where I can find those big pink peppermints that Nanny kept in her purse. I can still smell them.


5 thoughts on “Knitting needle roll / case / holder complete!!

  1. I’m actually re-designing it in my head — I really should write down what I want to do before menopause rears it’s ugly head and trashes my thoughts — and I may show the lady who owns the yarn shop here in town if she would be interested in displaying them. Will let you know what happens when it happens!!

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