My lost post


I somehow managed to lose track of this post and just found it in my draft folder, so even though the trip is over, I just decided to throw it into the blog anyway.


Providing that Sweet Baboo’s cold is on the way out (just when you figure you’ve got everything under control, along comes something over which you have no power) we will be leaving tomorrow. My To-Do list is looking SOOOOOO good.

  • Knitted hat that I wanted to make for the young’un — check check (I made two)
  • Someone to check on Sadie and make sure she is fed and watered — check (Darling Daughter will torment the cat while we’re gone)
  • Check out TJ Maxx one more time before we go for Sis’s face cream — check — actually made 3 trips and got something every time. I will for sure be her favorite sister!!
  • Ordered the pics of GrandDolly that I had taken but not had printed yet — will pick them up later tonight.
  • Quilt completed — label attached — wrapped and ready to go.
  • Beading materials and tools — I couldn’t figure out what to take so I’m taking it all.
  • Extra batteries for camera — check
  • Odds and ends of baby things that DD wants her cousin to have — sort of her donation to the cause — check

I also cut Sweet Baboo’s hair, did 4 loads of wash and put that away, cleaned both bathrooms (I can’t stand coming home to a house that needs cleaning after being away — I want to just empty out my suitcase and put my feet up.) So I’m ready to go — it’s going to be so much fun!!!


2 thoughts on “My lost post

  1. inlandempiregirl

    Isn’t it refreshing to find a list a realize it is all done? I agree… I hate to leave the house a mess creating more work when I return. ):

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