Busy busy week


I was just catching up on the blogs that I like to read and noticed that I hadn’t posted anything since July 15th. I have been trying to get as much done ahead at work as I could — the gal that I work with left for vacation this afternoon and will not be back for two weeks, returning to work on August 3rd. She told me how crazy it was while I was gone to Vermont — she was alone on the front desk for 2 days with only one doctor. I’ll be alone for two weeks with two doctors and I’m not feeling at all warm and fuzzy about this. Our practice has grown so large and so fast and we really don’t notice it until we are down one person, then it really lifts its head and roars. I think we will probably need to kick around the idea of hiring one more person just for the phones, probably on a part time basis. If I don’t post for awhile, I’m just having a pity party for myself and will post again eventually!! Til then…….


2 thoughts on “Busy busy week

  1. Ah, you’ll be chasing your tail! But I have no doubt you can do it. And maybe you can get Sweet Baboo to pick up some slack on the home front for a couple of weeks. Good luck with being the only one!

  2. Marcy

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Jackie — at the absolute worst, if I fall on my face, I will have 2 weeks before they would have to let me go!! 😀 Just kidding of course — I know that I will survive this (OMG the drama!!!) but it seems that as I get older I seem to lose my focus more easily and that can be distressing. Oh well, lots of sleep, exercise when I can, 3 square meals a day (SB is a fabulous cook) and before I know it, it will be over and I will pat myself on the back. There — no more whining about it!! I have officially put on my big girl panties and will deal with it!! 😉

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