Vermont trip aftermath


I love my sister immensely. Even though she is younger than I (me? never seem to get that right) by 15 months, she is the yardstick to which I compare myself. (Notice how I didn’t end the sentence with a preposition!!!! I wasn’t sleeping through ALL of my English classes.) Besides having great hair, she got decorating and feng shui genes, plus she took mine!! She just has a way of making a house look cozy and inviting. And naturally, after spending some time at her house, I seem to go into a frenzy of re-decorating as soon as we return. Sweet Baboo, bless his heart, knows that this will happen and just kind of stays out of the way until it has run it’s course. It is no use trying to reason with me until I get it out of my system. It’s not that I emulate her tastes or search high and low to buy the exact items that she has in her home. It’s more that it seems to jump start me into doing what I should have been doing all along, but in my own personality.

That being said, I have so far made new “tablecloths” for my end tables in the living room, I have bought reed diffusers to scent the air, I have done some extra weeding in the garden and have started organizing my recipes in a loose leaf binder that I bought six months ago. I also continue to throw away anything that I haven’t used in a year — much to Sweet Baboo’s chagrin. I fill up a black lawn and leaf bag with “unusables” and then warn him not to look inside. He’s very good about obeying me.

I also bought a new fitted sheet for our waterbed — and this is a good piece of advice if you own a queen size waterbed 60″ wide x 84″ long and have had problems with sheets fitting correctly. Lands End has California King sized sheets that are 84″ long x 72″ wide — and the 6″ of extra width on each side is very easy to tuck in. The length is the hard thing to find and I was tired of re-tucking the bottom sheet in every morning. Gave this a try and it’s brilliant!!


5 thoughts on “Vermont trip aftermath

  1. Wecome back,
    I love those reed diffusers! Again, our lives are running the same course. I spent yesterday throwing stuff away and guess what I said to JEJ? The same thing about peeking in tha bags. ( I think he still does though because certain things end up back in the garage. lol) I hope things go okay at work…. do lots of deep breathing!

  2. Marcy

    Gosh, you make me giggle — were we perhaps separated at birth? And doesn’t throwing stuff away just make your life seem lighter? I know mine does!! I also believe that Sweet Baboo does peek in those bags now and then, because items that I KNOW I tossed suddenly appear in the most unusual places!! (Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out)

  3. 🙂 I kind of like it when I get those bursts of redecorating/cleaning. I’m not that good, though, about getting rid of things.

    Glad you found the sheets that work for you. It drives me crazy until I get those things ‘right’. I know something else you might try, too. We had a 35 foot boat that had an odd shaped mattress – and the fitted sheets for it cost an arm and a leg. I bought jersey (t-shirt) sheets – and it was so perfect. They stretch to odd size, and they never ever move once you put them on the bed. The jersey sheets are all I will use in the motorhome, too, as the queen size bed is a little odd, and a bit shorter than a traditional queen. The jersey sheets fit anything just like a glove. Best thing is – they aren’t expensive.

  4. Marcy

    Isn’t it funny the things that will vex you no end until you solve them? I was SOOOO pleased to find those sheets — I no longer had to listen to SB moan about how hard it was to make the bed (we had regular queen sized fitted sheets that fit for approximately 2 washings, then promptly shrunk) and now every time we make the bed, I am kudo’d all over the place by him!! I might try the jersey sheets myself — I love anything soft to sleep on and I would image that jersey is like that.

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