Scattegories 3


I’m not sure where I got this meme. It’s been in my draft folder for weeks/months. The rules are simple: Each answer has to start with the same letter as the first letter of your name and if an answer is a place name it should be real, not fictional. If someone who answers before you has the same first letter, try to come up with different answers than they did. Feel free to play if you so desire. And so……

Your name: Marcy
A type of tree or shrub: Magnolia
Something an astronaut would study: Microgravity
Eight-letter word: Mellow
A sports team (any sport): Montreal Canadiens (does that count? If not, Maple Leafs)
A character in movie or play: Matt Hooper (Jaws)
A nickname (or endearment) for someone you like: My pet
Something that could get you arrested: Motor vehicle theft
Something you’d take to a picnic: Macaroni salad
A reason someone might get an award, medal, or trophy: Making the best pie at the county fair.
Something that makes you smile: Mimosas


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