A list of happies


Today, these are some things that I grateful for……

1) My partner in crime, BJ (whom I was filling in for while she vacationed) came back to work a day early. WHEEEEE!!!!

2) Having a swimming pool. It’s been hotter than blue blazes in CT this week.

3) Prednisone. Two courses of it. Without it, I would probably have no skin left on my body due to the dratted poison ivy, the name of which is probably supposed to be capitalized, but I hate it so much that I won’t.


4) Catching Genius by Kristy Kiernan. It was a great book (2 nights!!) and I was way overdue for a good story.

5) Being able to knit socks. My newest passion, my hands work as fast as my mind whirls — for me, it’s a natural tranquilizer.


2 thoughts on “A list of happies

  1. I love that title, “A list of happies”! I try to ‘maintain an attitude of gratitude’ always – it’s hard to be down if you are grateful. And there is SO much to be grateful for.

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