Jennie Wren, part II


Our wren is back in the little bird house, raising another brood of young’uns. She usually raises two broods a year, although last year she left after having the first one and didn’t return. Sweet Baboo made sure that the house was ready for her this year — he cleaned it out thoroughly in the spring and then again after she had left with her first group of chickies. She spends her days hunting for little bugs, caterpillars, snails, grasshoppers, anything that she can catch that her babies will eat. It’s so much fun watching her dash from pillar to post, picking at the ground, then flying up into the cedar to look around before she streaks into the bird house, babies chirping up a storm. Then quick as a wink, she’s back out the hole and flitting across the street to flip up our neighbor’s mulch for more goodies — the babies chirping slows down, and then she’s back into the cedar, quick peek around, back into the bird house. I’ll bet she does this hundreds of times every day. She also keeps track of and dispatches any and all predators in the area, our dopey cat included. Brave little birdie, she’s a teeny little thing but she sings and chirps and chatters BIG. Sparrows keep trying to take over her home, but she will have none of that — they soon give up after being divebombed by this little chirping dervish.


One thought on “Jennie Wren, part II

  1. Don’t you just love watching the birds nest? We have bird houses, and feed the birds, and get so much enjoyment from them. I am always amazed at how LOUD wrens are. If I get too near their home by my secret garden – they ‘yell’ at me like crazy.

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