Darling Daughter’s sock


I am SOOOOOO loving this self-striping yarn — it makes me look like I’m doing all kinds of fabulous stitches and yarn changes when all I’m doing is a stockinette stitch. I had knitted about 4 inches total for the foot and got ticked off with the laddering on the sole, so I frogged it back down and added a needle and it seems to have eliminated that problem. I’ve been knitting at work and the ladies that I work with can’t believe that I haven’t done myself an injury with all of the knitting needles I have going at one time. I can’t wait to finish this pair and go on to another one!! I’ve made way too many trips to the yarn shop and now have balls of yarn all over my sewing room, which will soon be called the knitting room. I’m going to have to have a sale of all of my fat quarters — I can sell my fabric to make more $$$ to buy more yarn. I will have to decide if it is more lucrative to sell them on ebay or just run an ad in the paper.


One thought on “Darling Daughter’s sock

  1. I love the striping. These are too cute. Wish I had the patience for knitting – but I don’t. Once I learned to crochet, I never ever knitted anything again. It was too slow for me. Sometimes I’m sorry about that – because I like a lot of the knitted stiches better than the crochet for certain things.

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