Sweet Baboo’s finished socks


They didn’t turn out too bad — however, I have a cute Sweet Baboo story to tell you.

I finished the socks, wove the ends in and proudly presented them to him (I was so impressed with myself!!) and he proudly put them on. I sat on the other end of the sofa and looked at his feet — something didn’t seem right. I went over and looked at the bottom of the sock — the foot was too short by about 1 1/2 inches!! The heel doesn’t even begin to fit right. I told him that I would have to rip out the toes and extend the foot a bit longer and he says “no, that’s okay they fit fine, I really like them” and I said “no, they’re not fine they don’t fit correctly. Why didn’t you tell me that they didn’t fit right when I finished the first one” (which he tried on to make sure everything was okay). To which he replied, “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that they needed to be longer”. Gee gosh, how can you get mad at that? But I’m still going to rip out both socks!!


One thought on “Sweet Baboo’s finished socks

  1. Ahhhh, no wonder you call him “sweet” Baboo! My T does not suffer from that syndrome. It used to hurt my feelings when I’d cook something and he’s say, “Do you mind? I really don’t feel like eating that tonight,” or “This isn’t something I’d care to have again.” LOL

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