Sunday Scribblings #73 Diary


For no reason I can fathom, when I first read the prompt I thought “dairy? What would be interesting to write about dairy? It’s just milk and cheese and cows and…….oh, the prompt is diary!! Well, why didn’t you say so! Never mind……..” (Emily Latella)

Silly, eh?

I really hate to tell admit this but my blog is the closest thing to a diary that I’ve ever had. I love the idea of keeping a diary. I love the idea of a book that has “Journal” or “Diary” stamped in gold flowery letters on the front, with or without the little key, with page upon page upon page of pretty paper. Something about all that potential just gives me the shivers. I’ve even tested the water a few times, bought myself a notebook/journal/diary and wrote a few things. But inevitably, I lose interest and toss it in a drawer. I do so admire people that are disciplined enough to write down their innermost feelings on paper on a somewhat regular basis. I’m just not one of them.

For instance, Sweet Baboo keeps a journal of sorts. He keeps track of when the wrens come back in the spring, when the crocuses poke out of the ground, how much fuel oil we bought and when we bought it. Weather notes for his garden. When he planted his seeds indoors and when they sprouted. That kind of thing. Just notes of this and that. It works very well for him.

Writing things down in my blog is what works very well for me. To my mind, if you rely on the computer for organization in your life, it is the natural progression to have a blog to write down “deep, dark thoughts”. Or knitting patterns — or Haiku — or letting off steam — or posting favorite pictures. I like the neatness of a blog. I like that I can write, then re-write, then consult my thesaurus, then walk away, then delete and write again — until I’m satisfied that there is no more improving it. Try doing THAT in a book!! I would have a very messy diary, for sure. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that!!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #73 Diary

  1. I, like you, would have a very messy diary — provided my ADD allowed me to keep it long enough to get messy… I’m very prone to losing things. šŸ˜‰ The computer was a miracle for me. It is hard to lose a desktop computer!

  2. Since blogging, I don’t use my journal much anymore. Now I have notebooks full of scribble as I compose posts. I always fear it will all poof away though into the internet ethers.

  3. I too like the blog as a diary/way to keep track of things. Though there is something really nice about the tactile-ness (tactility??) of a paper journal. I do have both, though I’m more regular on my blog than on paper. It’s easier for me because I can blog on an off moment at work or at home, whereas my diary stays just at home lest I lose it!

  4. As someone who is lactose intolerant, I love the idea of a Dear Dairy prompt. Believe me, I would have plenty to say about my love/hate relationship with cheese.

    I don’t keep a journal or diary either, so for better or worse, my blog is the closest I have to either. I suppose that is just as well. I tend to misplace things. If I lost my journal, that kind of thing would drive me up a wall. I would be forced to blog about it since the journal could go missing for weeks. Months even.

    Maybe writers are disorganized by nature. Who knows.

  5. I’ve never been any good at keeping up a journal or diary – but do buy a LARGE calendar every year – and write everything on it from when the bluebirds first arrived, to the last snow!

    I’m beginning to not be very good at keeping up this blogging either. It takes so much time and I keep feeling like I should be spending this time with the people I already know and don’t have time enough for!

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