Autumn is on it’s way


I’ve made a list of harbingers of autumn on the way and summer just about over. (Have I mentioned how much I love lists?)

  1. The tree frogs are silent — it’s not hot enough any longer
  2. The crickets chirping that sometimes drives me crazy at night has settled into a very low hum
  3. Sweet Baboo’s tomatoes are turning red — what a double edged sword that is. I can’t wait ’til the tomatoes are ripe enough to eat, but they’re not ripe enough to eat until it’s almost Fall!!
  4. There is a bit of color showing on the tips of the Maple tree branches that line Kennedy Drive, one of Putnam’s main routes into town.
  5. Hurricanes are being reported by the weather service.
  6. Our pool water has cooled to 76 degrees — not much chance of it warming up again this summer.
  7. The light is slanting in now in the afternoon through our bedroom window and shining on the hallway floor. The sun has started it’s trip back south again.
  8. The stars are easier to see at night — the haze that comes with the hot weather is dissipating.
  9. Our cat, Sadie Mae, has reverted to sleeping in her Fall/Winter hidey-holes.
  10. The air has started smelling more clear and crisp — it’s not all the way there yet, but it’s coming!!

On the one hand, it seems that summer just started — although sometimes the heat and humidity turn me in a bear. On the other hand, Autumn is my favorite time of year and for so many reasons. Warm sunny days, cool nights, clear light that only comes with the Fall. The trees usually put on a good show with their color and there’s nothing like the smell of falling leaves. The country fairs are starting — always good for the local economy. Oh, and apples!! The apples will be coming in to harvest soon — Apple Betty, Apple pies, Applesauce — I guess each season has it’s pros and cons. And the world keeps turning…….


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