Sock Update


Darling Daughter’s socks are finished (YAY!!!) I used Regia Silk Color yarn Color Orange 185. Jen at my LYS told me that I should be able to get a pair of ankle socks out of 50 grams and she was right. See that little glob of yarn at the top of the photo? It’s about 40″ of yarn that was left after I grafted the toe. It’s self striping yarn (I heart icon self striping yarn very, very much!!)

Darling Daughter's ankle socks

I used KA bamboo needles (which my arthritic thumb icon heart ‘s very, very much also!!However, I’m not parting with my other needles yet because I think that different needles and different yarns will drag/slip differently and I will have to experiment. Many thanks to Heather at Keeping Me In Stitches for mentioning yarn repeats in self striping yarn in one of her posts. I paid attention and made lots of notes about where I started and then started the second sock the same way. It seemed to match very well until I got down to the toe, then the pink seemed to never end — but nobody will see it anyway.

So now that the bug has bitten, and after much musing about Sweet Baboo’s too short socks, I am now starting another pair for him and keeping the short ones for myself. (There were boo boo’s in them anyway) I just started these in a worsted weight yarn (they will be heavy but our floors are cold in the winter) Universal Classic Worsted Tapestry colorway Midnite Blues. Really pretty yarn but still guyish!!

The beginning of SB's sock

I’m using Crystal Palace DPN’s which slide just fine with this yarn, but they are 8″ long and I’m afraid that I’m going to poke my eye out. Oh well, I’ll just skip on down to Woolworks again and see if Jen has some 6″ DPN’s in size 5. (Sigh) Such a bother. Check out the cuff!! Long Tail Cast On at it’s best!!

Sweet Baboo's cuff close up


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