Spotted recently at a Rhode Island beach


My friend took this pic with her camera phone last weekend — is this an example of after market air conditioning? I have no idea if the person who owns this assemblage was able to make it actually work in the car or if it was a joke.

I should have clarified this picture a little more. My friend Jackie asked a couple of questions that I hadn’t thought of to add to the post.

According to my friend K who took the pic, the back window of the station wagon where the glass normally would be had that pink insulation board type stuff that’s about 1″ thick — I think it’s used in areas where there is a lot of moisture, if my This Old House memories serve correctly. They just shoved that in there and then dropped in the A/C with the cord dragging. For sure, they weren’t moving — just the normal people type stuff inside the car, no boxes etc. Thanks for the nudge, Jackie!!

station wagon AC(2)


…..I’m thinking of renaming my blog…..


My blog name “My Quilts & Stuff” came from my ebay user ID, qcquiltsnstuff. It was an apt ID at the time — the qc referred to the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, where I live, and I was heavily into all things quilt related and a bit of other stuff.

Along the way with my ebay experience, the items that I was selling online slowly morphed from mostly quilting items (fat quarters, fabric, patterns) to just about all cross stitch items (floss, fabric, patterns). Cross stitching has been around a long time and the patterns seem to be timeless. Patterns that were used in the 40’s were still relevant now. Very lucrative items to sell.

Criminy! I do love a good ramble — okay, onward.

But now — I no longer quilt nor do I sell alot on ebay. Knitting has replaced my quilting and I thought I would rename the blog:

“Knitting and Other Yarns”


“Knitting and Yarning”


“Knit ~ Purl ~ Smile ~ Repeat”

Jackie from Jackie’s Garden suggested:

“My yarns…knitted and otherwise”


“My Knitting and Notes”

Any comments? Would love to hear any suggestions you may have. Personally, I’m leaning toward Knit Purl etc.