Spotted recently at a Rhode Island beach


My friend took this pic with her camera phone last weekend — is this an example of after market air conditioning? I have no idea if the person who owns this assemblage was able to make it actually work in the car or if it was a joke.

I should have clarified this picture a little more. My friend Jackie asked a couple of questions that I hadn’t thought of to add to the post.

According to my friend K who took the pic, the back window of the station wagon where the glass normally would be had that pink insulation board type stuff that’s about 1″ thick — I think it’s used in areas where there is a lot of moisture, if my This Old House memories serve correctly. They just shoved that in there and then dropped in the A/C with the cord dragging. For sure, they weren’t moving — just the normal people type stuff inside the car, no boxes etc. Thanks for the nudge, Jackie!!

station wagon AC(2)


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