Catalpa “bushes” and Morning Glories


I may (or may not) have mentioned that Sweet Baboo has, for the past 3 or 4 years, planted Morning Glory seeds at the base of our Catalpa “bushes” ( I don’t believe that there is an actual Catalpa bush — we have two in the front yard that were stunted by the previous owners. Sort of like Banzai trees.) During the summer, the leaves go berserk starting about mid July and they have to be trimmed almost weekly. By letting the Morning Glories climb to the top, they keep the leaves from growing (somehow — I don’t understand how the whole thing works, but it does) plus they look kinda cool.

Here’s a close up shot — check out the dark blue blossom amidst the pink ones. We usually have white ones here and there, but this year there aren’t any.


4 thoughts on “Catalpa “bushes” and Morning Glories

  1. These are so beautiful – I love reading all the gardeners blogs, enjoying the beauty vicariously, since I’m the original black thumb!

    Thanks for your comment today – STAT is a good term, as I’m thinking I may have heart failure if I don’t start practicing pretty soon 😉

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