How many other people don’t know about this?


I first heard about this on the evening news just tonight. I hope that someone can benefit from it. We were watching a Boston channel, but maybe there are other states that are offering the same benefit to their vets and the word hasn’t gotten out yet.


Oct 24, 2007 7:02 pm US/Eastern

Unclaimed Money Available For Iraq War Veterans

ImageJoe Shortsleeve

(WBZ) BOSTON Thousands of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan qualify to get a tax-free bonus from the state of Massachusetts, but many don’t know about it.

“I had no idea. My buddy told me about it,” said Canton veteran James Miller. “He stumbled in one day and he said, ‘Hey, did you hear about your thousand dollars?’ (I said,) ‘Not really, why don’t you tell me about it.'”

More than $9.5 million has not been claimed because more than half of the veterans entitled to the free money have not filled out the paper work.

The checks come straight from the treasurer’s office and the process is simple.

“If you are a Massachusetts resident and you served, it’s either $500 or a thousand dollars tax-free,” said State Treasurer Tim Cahill. “Come up and get it.”

For those who don’t come and get it, the state could be calling them.

Sen. Scott Brown is sponsoring the legislation, which calls for veterans to be notified.

“It’s there. They earned it, and they should advantage of it. How often does the state give you free money?” Brown said.

It’s estimated that 13,600 veterans are entitled to a check.

The treasurer’s office did the same thing for vets from Vietnam and World War II, and some of that bonus money is still unclaimed.

Click here for information about how veterans can claim their money.

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