Sunday Scribblings #80 – First Job, Worst Job, Dream Job


I don’t think there’s a rule that a person can’t write the Sunday Scribblings out of order. This one, which I did not respond to when it was first posted, piqued my interest.

I’ve had 6 jobs in my life, 2 of which I decided were not for me before the first week was out. In case you ever wondered, it gets easier to quit a second or third job if you can just get yourself through the first one. These are words that my sister and I live by.


My very first job was in 1972, working in a mail and printing room for a snowmobile distributor. I was fresh out of high school (actually, I started before I graduated) and as empty of self esteem and self confidence as it is for a 17 year old to be and still be able to function. I was hired as “temporary”, and as I looked back on it years later, that translated to “not being to enroll you in the insurance plan, but maybe next year we will be able to.” After finally getting my health insurance coverage (but only after invoking my father in law’s name, a sergeant in the State Police) I was eventually moved out of that position and into one in the shipping department. The powers that be then decided that my position was more in line with accounting than with shipping, so I was moved on over to that department, where my job came to an end just before my daughter was born in July of 1979. Not a pleasant ending, I was more or less blackmailed by them that if I didn’t report them to the authorities because they were firing a pregnant woman who had worked there 7 years, they would pay for my health insurance through the birth of Darling Daughter. This probably also would qualify as a worst job, but I really had one that was worse.


After moving to CT, I started working for a textile company. The owner, at that time, was one mean SOB that really got off on playing head games. Lots of back handed compliments, changing the line in the sand constantly, you get the idea. I was still running on empty for self esteem and self confidence, so I put up with all of the crap. (Also, another fact that figures very strongly into my story, my then husband was what I like to call a job jumper. A grass is always greener type, he had no problem going to work happy one morning and then coming home that night and telling me he had quit. Having to be the responsible one, I stayed where I was because we needed health insurance and somebody had to be somewhat stable in that relationship.) And I was pretty good at stuff my feelings back then and I was forever telling myself that it wasn’t all that bad. Believe it or not, I spent the next 22 years of my life there!! The mean SOB softened a bit after a few years, then became a half way decent person the last few years. He sold the company just a couple years before I left and that’s when the ship pulled out of port. I really don’t want to turn this post into a pity party so the details will remain undisclosed. It’s enough to say that it got really ugly with the new owner.


After leaving “Worst Job”, I had to get some perspective, so I decided that to keep my brain from turning to mush, I would clean out my closets and sell a few things on ebay. I have to say that I had a great experience with only a couple of people that screwed me over (I was selling alot of quilting and cross stitching related items so I think that those kinds of people are just a bit kinder and gentler.) My dream job would be to be able to make a nice living selling on ebay, but I also think that if I were to do that, it wouldn’t be as much fun.

So it’s funny how things work out. I have been in my current position (with just a few minor adjustments, mostly on my part) for just about 5 years now, and it wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that I am working my dream job. I just didn’t recognize it for what it was. At first, I was sure that it would end up with the 2 that I had quit previously after deciding that I was not comfortable in either of them. But I hung in there and there were major changes made for the first couple of years that turned the practice around 180° and made it the fabulous place that it is to work in today. It’s a job that I will be more than happy to continue with until it’s time for Sweet Baboo and I to start thinking about retirement.

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