Behold the GrandDolly’s Socks!!!


These turned out so darn cute!! I didn’t try real hard to get the yarn pattern to match, but it did pretty well by itself. When I had finished one, I tried it on her to make sure the size was okay, which it was. We take care of GrandDolly a couple times a week while her mom and dad work, so Sweet Baboo thought it would be a good idea if we took her itty bitty socks and put them in a Fisher Price mailbox thing that she likes to play with. She’ll probably fling them over her shoulder, but what the heck, she’s only 14 months old. I’ll try to have my camera ready when she opens that little door.

GrandDollys socks

Anyway — it seems that this yarn is the only yarn I am ever going to knit with again. I started with one ball of yarn Darling Daughter’s socks. Then she requested that I make a pair for GrandDolly. I agreed but then had to go back to get another ball because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough. Then Darling Daughter thought it would be so great if I could make a roll brim hat for her. And since I was doing that anyway, could I also make one for GrandDolly so that Mommy and Baby will match? And being the ever doting Grammie, off to the yarn shop I go for more of this yarn………………………….


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