Sunday Scribblings #85 “I Carry”


I am an avowed bagaholic and I am not ashamed. I carry bags within bags within bags. You should see my biceps.

For work every day, I carry a leather handbag containing my wallet, a small bag of pharmaceuticals (all legal), 3 pens, a pocket sized Moleskine, my car keys, my for emergencies only cell phone, the odd pack of gum or mints, and the price tag of the bag from TJ Maxx.

I also brown bag my lunch, but in an effort to save a tree, I carry a lunchbag large enough to contain a Lean Cuisine, yogurt, an apple, a banana, and a Power Bar, plus the TJ Maxx price tag.

I also go absolutely everywhere with my latest knitting project because you never know when there may be a few minutes to kill, so that’s a third bag containing my yarn and pointy sticks, plus just about every notion a knitter could need, and of course, the price tag of the bag from Hallmark.

All 3 of these bags go into a humungous tote bag that a friend of mine picked up for me years ago. Plus a book or two. Everything fits quite nicely, although it probably weighs 20 lbs.

I almost forgot — there are the days that I stop at the gym on the way home from work, so that’s yet another bag full of workout clothing and sneakers, plus the TJ Maxx price tag.

It’s difficult if not downright impossible to make a longterm commitment on something that you hope will be an enduring part of your life. I’ve purchased many bags that I thought were exactly what I wanted, but once I got them home and had a chance to see how everything fit, I realized that it wasn’t what I needed at all. So I keep my price tags, even after I have finally made that final, final decision on the exact bag that I need. Because you just never know when what you thought you wanted was not what you needed at all.

Decisions in life and relationships are alot like that, don’t you think? If only we could just save the price tags and exchange them like I am able to do with my bags.


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