An Unconventional Thanksgiving


Sweet Baboo and I took a different path this Thanksgiving. Darling Daughter elected to work so that she can have Christmas off with her husband and daughter, Sweet Son-In-Law elected to have dinner with his grandparents and show off the GrandDolly, and we decided that we would have a very quiet day. (Sweet Baboo and I have always made an effort to not demand their presence during the holidays. They live 3 minutes from us and we get to see them anytime we want, so we like to share.)crockpot

Tuesday afternoon, we roasted our turkey, made a huge mound of potatoes, an even more huge mound of sweet potatoes, jellied cranberry sauce, and tons of gravy. I had made an apple pie earlier that day so we had our Thanksgiving dinner that night. We have been picking at the turkey and making mini-meals with the potatoes and sweet potatoes since, and just last night Sweet Baboo stripped the turkey down and we now have a turkey stew in the crockpot. We will have a quiet little dinner later.

The weather in New England today is divine. It’s about 60° with filtered sunshine and the occasional breeze. The windows are open and Sweet Baboo is washing the windows outside. I have sunshinebeen reorganizing things that need reorganizing (like what doesn’t!!!) and knitting every few minutes or so on my soon to be felted knitting bag. In between, I have made a pumpkin pie and an apple pie with a crumb topping. The only casualty so far is that I over baked (hmmmm, make that burnt!!!) the little pie dough and cinnamon round thingies that I make from the leftover pie crust.

So, my yarn stash and patterns are looking very neat and happy, I have a closet that is 3/4 done being straightened, and I have packed a few of my quilting things into a plastic tote awaiting someone that can use it. Hopefully it will be GrandDolly. Darling Daughter does not sew nor shows any inclination. She is expressing an interest in knitting and I have given her a couple lessons. Now she can’t wait to teach GrandDolly. Pointy sticks are VERY addicting.

It’s definitely not your normal Turkey Day, but it’s a wonderful way to spend it with someone you love. And really, that’s the whole point of the holiday, right?



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