Ten on Tuesday — 10 Best Games



  1. Mario Brothers — the original. I bought the game and Nintendo for my daughter, then got hooked and stayed up most nights til 3AM playing it.
  2. The Legend of Zelda. See number 1 above for particulars. I played this one after I wore out the Mario Brothers cartridge.
  3. Yahtzee!! I love the sound the dice makes in the cup when you shake it. Plus I’m the world’s best Yahtzee! player. Just ask me.
  4. Are crosswords considered a game?
  5. Pitch. Haven’t played it in years, but loved it when I was younger. Used to stay up all night playing and drinking coffee. Oh, and smoking cigarettes too. I was such a little scamp!!
  6. Monopoly. It’s great that it can literally go on for days.
  7. Sorry! Another game from the staying up all night drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes days.
  8. Trivial Pursuit. I have a brain that soaks up the most ridiculous facts. I used to play this with my sister and her then dipshit husband and beat the pants off him. Take that for thinking I’m an airhead girl!
  9. Uno. I can’t remember how to play it but I know that I loved it!
  10. Skip Bo — another game that I haven’t played in a dog’s age but loved it when I was a kid.

Ten on Tuesday — come try, it’s fun!!


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday — 10 Best Games

  1. I can’t even believe this… our lives once again very similar! I won a Nintendo game years ago and got hooked on Mario Brothers… Just like you.. I also got hooked on Tertris. I try to explain to my students that I am not a nerd.. I just can’t play these games today.. that is all I would do! Yahtzee is a big part of memories with my family… also Sorry. When we were on a family vacation on the Oregon Coast we tried to sing songs for the properties of Monopoly. It was a marathon game and we still belt out ” New York , New York ” when the game is mentioned. Love Trivial Pursuit and Uno and Skip Bo and you need to try Phase Ten .. that has been our new game in the Uno family. Now I need to learn about Pitch. Great post!

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