Ten on Tuesday — 10 Favorite Things to Complain About



  1. Mean people that take their aggression and bad mood out on service workers (receptionists, cashiers, deli workers etc) because they know they can get away with it. Or they just don’t care.
  2. Weather forecasters — oh, so sorry, meteoroligists — who think it is their job to whip people up into a lather over possible bad weather that 9 times out of 10 amounts to nothing.
  3. Television reporters — who seem to delight in shoving their microphones and asking “and how did you feel when the police told you that the body of (insert murdered loved one’s name here) was (insert horrendous details here) all the while claiming freedom of the press and the public’s right to know.
  4. People that think it is their duty to forward every piece of crap email that is sent to them to every person they have in their address book.
  5. Also, these seem to be the same people that don’t/won’t check out ridiculous stories on snopes.com and just assume that everything sent to them is true.
  6. Organized religion — need I say more.
  7. Any war in general, the Iraq war in particular. Sally Field made a good point at the Emmys.
  8. Books in which authors seem to just want to try to impress their readers with the number of big words they can use.
  9. Caller ID — can’t tell you the number of phone calls we get at the office saying “yeah, somebody from there called me?” and it’s then up to us to run around trying to figure out who did call. Jeez, we’re not the Borg!! Get an answering machine, for crying out loud!
  10. And about answering machines — when I am queen of the world, answering machines will pick up after 3 rings, not seventeen and it will be against the law to have an outgoing message on your machine recorded by your child/children. It’s impossible to understand and contrary to popular belief, annoying as all hell.


Ten on Tuesday — come try, it’s fun!!


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