My sister is complaining that I haven’t been blogging…….


…which I so funny, because it took me months to get her to read it, and now she wants me to write something as often as I can. My next goal is to persuade her to write it with me. My sister is a Virgo Libra. It may be years before I can get her to do it. But as to why I haven’t been posting, I do have a reason. I have been busier than usual (ergo more tired than usual due to the busier than usual) because I AM FINALLY ON VACATION!!!!!


And of course, I am by turns ecstatic and bummed. It’s so cool having days off before Christmas but I hate leaving my partner in crime at the office to do everything. Saturday morning was my regular Saturday to work, and usually it’s a great day to catch up because that particular doc is usually much less busy. Usually. This past Saturday was a zoo with zero chance of doing much of anything more than reacting to each crisis. (Insert huge sigh here) But as she likes to say, just do what you can and eventually, it will all get done.

So, I’m not going anywhere except possibly to buy stocking stuffers and a couple of other things. Christmas has never been one of my favorite holidays, inasmuch as most holidays make me cringe. Christmas is by far the worst. The last few years have been somewhat better, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself that I will never be an over the top type of celebrator of any holidays. A good holiday for me is one where I am able to just be quiet and enjoy the day without a lot of distraction and hub bub. Do I sound Grinchy? I don’t mean to, but that’s the kind of holiday that I like. I so envy people who get all excited with Christmas spirit and wish I could participate in it. Many people have told me that I just have to make up my mind to have a good time at this time of the year. As much as I would like to, I think that sometimes it’s too late to turn your behavior around.

I tried to explain why this phenomenon occurs in 4 different ways, but I can’t get it to sound unwhiny. Christmas celebrations just weren’t fun for my sissy and me. ‘Nuff said.

I will mail out Christmas cards, wrap presents and put up the tree. I will think the happiest thoughts that I can manage and will try to be a kinder person than the jerk that is honking his horn in back of me at the coffee drive through. (Does that fool think that I will actually move faster because he does that?) And I will spend my Christmas Day at home with my Sweet Baboo, happy that I am able to finally spend my holidays the way that I want in the peace and quiet that I have always craved. It’s exactly the best possible holiday that I could ever hope for.


3 thoughts on “My sister is complaining that I haven’t been blogging…….

  1. Our Christmases have gotten quieter and quieter and I love it. My nieces still add the ” kid Christmas excitemet” . I look forward to my winter break after Christmas when I can really fill up my own quiet time.

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