Very Soft Yarn Scarf Update


I’ve had two balls of this yarn for at least 4 months and have been periodically looking for just the right stitch to make a scarf out of it. Not being able to find a stitch that jumped up and said “here I am!!”, I decided that a plain old K3 P3 rib with size 9 Addi circs would be just fine and now I really like the look of it. The yarn is Baby Alpaca Grande from Plymouth Yarn (100 grams, 110 yards) and I don’t think I’ve ever felt a more soft hand in any yarn. (The Baby Alpaca Grande Paint in all the different colorways is positively mouth watering!!) I’ve knitted about 9 inches and I’m about halfway through the first ball — I really luff long scarfies — so I trotted down to my LYS and picked up another ball to be on the safe side. (Any reason is a good reason to go down to Woolworks) And of course, the dye lot is not the same as the original, but I’ve looked at the three of them in all kinds of light and I really can’t see a huge (if any) difference. This is my “watch TV and knit” project for now. Once I get Sissy’s second sock done, I’ll spend more time on it.


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