Just a thought……


I had this thought the other day. Sissy and I have these long conversations about life and memories and woulda coulda shoulda. Being first time Grammies, we also have a lot to say to each other about the wonder and joy of a grandchild. My daughter tells me often what a fabulous thing it is to see me and Sweet Baboo playing with and caring for GrandDolly. I tell her often what a great mother she is. I know it is the same with my sister and her daughter. Sissy and I both are over the moon with the way that our “girls” have become such great mothers, particularly because we weren’t sure what we were doing when we raised them. We didn’t have a particularly good role model for mothering and nurturing. However, we had a fantastic Nanny who showed us how unconditional love works and how special the bond between Grandmother and Grandchild can be. Our girls turned out to be much better than we were at mothering, in spite of how we surely screwed them up. Lucky for us, Nanny’s lessons of love are still with us and showing us the best way to be a Grandmother.


One thought on “Just a thought……

  1. I think the same thing has happened with my mom with my nieces. She is an amazing grandma and is close to the schools if they need a ride, need to go home sick, or need a place to go after school. She also has cable!! 🙂

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