A Heavy Snow


It’s 11am on the East Coast. The snow falling, if any, is not noticeable — it stopped pretty much about 1/2 an hour ago, leaving about 4-6 inches in it’s wake. (The weather disaster mongers were wrong once again.) The branches of the pine trees that I can see as I sit at my computer are starting to move about — not good, as this snowfall was extremely wet. Wet, heavy snow can mean power outages. And I just heard a branch from one of the pine trees come down. The sky is brightening and starting to clear.

Clearing Sky

Snowfall's End

This is my favorite time of a snowfall — clean, pristine snow, frosty air, the silence is a balm to my ears. It is a small slice of serenity before the world intrudes once more.


2 thoughts on “A Heavy Snow

  1. Hi, Marcy – I found you on Ravelry – we are both in the Ocean States Group. I also live in Putnam. Are you aware of the Ocean State Knitters Guild, which meets the second Thursday of each month in Cranston? They have guest speakers sometimes, and do projects, and generally sit and knit and talk. Many of them are in the Ravelry Group also. I’d love to have someone else to drive there with – let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. This looks like my house! It was five degrees at school this morning. BRRRR. Our power was off here at the house for hours, but we have wood heat and lots of candles.
    I have presented you with the You Make My Day Award for your blog. You can read about it and you! on my post today and decide if you want to pass it on. Congratulations.

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