You Make My Day Award


Isn’t this just the coolest? The You Make My Day Award (okay, who is thinking Dirty Harry out there?) is ‘awarded to people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland‘. My friend Christy awarded this to me a couple of days ago and I am just thrilled and honored to receive it. Thanks bunches for the generous and warm words, C. Her blog, Gathering Around the Table was one of the first blogs that I read when I first tried dipping my toe into this blogging stuff. Her stories of her early childhood and her siblings and of course, her fabulous photos, bring a kind of peace to my mind. If I could return this award to her, I would because she always makes my day!

I’ve cut back on my blog reading a bit, but there are a couple of blogs besides C’s that I just enjoy reading so much, that I won’t do without. Giving them this award will probably come as a surprise, because I don’t do alot of (if any) commenting on their posts but I am a frequent visitor just the same. Just call me a …..


Patois’ Whee! All the Way Home has been a source of humor and insight that by turns makes me giggle and then makes me think. She sprinkles her blog with delightful stories about motherhood (Daughter, Eldest, Youngest) marriage (Husband) that have me laughing out loud. Just love those Weekly Wonderings!!

Sandy’s Knitting is one of my favorite knitting blogs — mainly because it is knitting mixed with family and cats and life in general in the most amusing way. Knitting information, humour, and life, life, life — it’s like head candy!!!

The last blog I would like to award is Becca’s Byline, written by a very intuitive and articulate lady from my generation, who can say things in ways that I would not have though of (or is it ways of which I would not have thought?) She writes of reading and life and family and pets — and written so eloquently. I admire her writing style and stories immensely. Our lives have mirrored each other in many ways — she just says it better than I do!!


3 thoughts on “You Make My Day Award

  1. Marcy, thank you so much!!!

    It’s just amazing to me how many great people we can meet and connect with through this world of blogging.

    I’m so glad you enjoy my musings on life in general – we “fifty somethings” need to have our say, too, don’t we??

    Thank you again 🙂

  2. I’m seriously so thrilled by this. What a great surprise! I can’t believe you’ve been reading my blog for awhile. And never commenting? Thanks for the kind words here. I will post the award on Monday. (Can’t miss my Weekly Wonderings tomorrow and Sunday Scribblings on, duh, Sunday.) Thanks again, Marcy!

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