Sunday Scribblings #96 – Foul







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Boy’s Library Rape Sparks New Sex Offender Debate
The rape this week of a 6-year-old boy in a public library has reignited debate over a state law allowing sexually dangerous predators to be locked up indefinitely after completing their prison terms.
The suspect in the boy’s assault was a convicted child rapist who was released about a year ago by a judge over the objections of prosecutors and three psychologists who said he was dangerous and would likely strike again.
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This is a story about a real and truly foul and depraved piece of scum. What’s worse, the little boy’s mom was not very far away and yet this piece of garbage with no conscience had no problem destroying this little boy. Had I been the mother, there would have been very little left for the police to take into custody. If you would like to finish reading the article (which I wasn’t able to do) click here. I hope you have a strong stomach. There was a picture included with the article, but I would not include it with this post. After all, this post is not exclusively about him but it is about he and all of the others like him in the world.

When are the judges and lawyers of this sick world going to realize that once a person is a pedophile, there IS NO WAY TO REFORM THEM!!!! Say it again, more loudly this time. THERE IS NO WAY TO REFORM THEM!!! They will say whatever needs to be said so that they can get out and offend again. Sadly, the people in power are so far out of touch that they cannot put themselves into the victim’s shoes to see what their lives are really like. They are indifferent and pompous. By not locking these atrocious bastards up, they are in their own way as dangerous as these pedophiles.

It’s nothing less than common sense to seek out a cure for a person who is sick. I have the perfect cure for this type of maggot’s affliction. I don’t know why it hasn’t been thought of before.

Strip the maggot. Sit him on the floor of a vacant building. Nail the offending appendage to the floor with a ten penny spike. Make that two. Pour gasoline all through the building. Hand him a rusty spoon. Walk away. Drop a lit match into the gasoline just as you exit the building. Let him make the decision. Problem solved one way or the other. Screw his civil rights.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #96 – Foul

  1. Marcy

    Where little children are concerned, I have an overinflated sense of Mama Bear that is, at times, hard to control. They are the littlest victims.

  2. Linda may

    I have thought about what I would choose as punishment after hearing what these creeps do. I reckon genital removal would fit. And tattoing pedofile across their forheads for everyone to see, then letting them loose on the street.

  3. An interesting post. Different countries do, of course, have different laws, but basically a person can only be sentenced for the crime they are charged with. It would take a fundamental change in law to alter this.
    Alternatively, if paedophilia was reclassified as a mental illness, they could be held indefinitely. But can the public take the idea of it NOT being a crime?
    A difficult problem for what is a vile menace.

  4. Marcy

    Linda may, this subject crops up at work from time to time, with each of us (all mothers) taking a turn on the soap box — your comment is one that we all agree on wholeheartedly!!

    Anthony, re the mental illness comments, I do believe that the catholic church’s stand on pedophilia regarding their priests epidemic “problems” in New England is that it is a mental illness and once found out, they were shuffled off to (Arizona? New Mexico?) somewhere in the southwest were they were “rehabilitated”. And then shuffled right back into another church. And as expected, the public is outraged and highly insulted. Due diligence and familial responsibility for our children is definitely needed, as these “mentally ill” criminals have far more rights than a child. JMHO

  5. in all the information i have read heard and seen with regards to pedophiles, ,, they cannot be rehabilitated.. a sexual preference is a sexual preference,, as sick as that may sound… i agree castration,, either chemically or physically might be the only avenue….

  6. I was sickened by the story when I saw it earlier. I can’t imagine the terror for the little boy. The man needs to be castrated. He also should never be let out again. And the judge who released him over everyone’s objections should be run out of office.

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