Sockies for me, Act I


I have been bemoaning the fact to anyone that will listen that I haven’t knitted anything for myself yet, while making all kinds of items for family members. There were 2 scarfs that I made that I had intended to keep, but as soon as my neck started to get warm, it started itching like crazy, so they were passed on to Darling Daughter. Can I tell you how sad for me she was that I wouldn’t be able to wear them?

smiley not

Moving on — I decided that socks in luscious Spring like colors would be great for me (andlol smiley will look SOOOOO nice with my black dress slacks that I wear to work, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) — periwinkle, peach, lavender, mint green — and very unlike me, I ordered the yarn on line at a lovely little place called The Loopy Ewe. And from which I will definitely order from again, because I am a sucker for anyplace that sends me any kind of freebie. All it took was a piece of cardboard to keep track of DPN’s, which I don’t even use anymore, and I was a goner. Just look at the colors of this yarn. Positively yummy. My mouth doth water. It’s Seacoast HandpaintedYarn Superwash in color Lovebird. You can check it out here.

Seacoast Handpainted Superwash Lovebird

So — since this yarn is a little pricier than I usually use (but after all, I am worth it, eh?) I am being a good little knitter this time and swatching to make sure my gauge is correct. The yarn is just about fingering weight, very thin and size one needles. Well, size one for the cuff, then size two for the rest. For sure I don’t want to get part of a sock done, realize the size is wrong and then have to frog it all out again and possibly ruin the yarn in the process. That would certainly make for a very bad day. More later. Swatching awaits.


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