Sunday Scribblings #97 Fridge Space


I’m not exactly complaining, you understand. If the ladies at work were to read this, they would have my head and for good reason. I know that my Sweet Baboo is just about the most perfect man on the face of the earth. They tell me — often, and with passion, that by comparison, I live with — well, someone who is very nearly perfect.

But — he leaves 3 or 4 spoonfuls of whatever is left over from a meal in each heavy duty plastic container in the fridge. When I pull one out to put it into a smaller container (I’m all about downsizing and simplifying, let me tell you) he will say, “oh, don’t bother honey, I’m going to eat that in a couple of minutes.” But then he doesn’t. Well, sometimes he does.

Or he will put a pork chop on an open plate without a cover in the fridge. Just as I’m about to put it into a container with a cover so it won’t dry out, “oh, don’t bother honey…….”.

Or I will pull out a container that has something unrecognizable in it, and just before I can throw it away, “oh, don’t bother honey……”

All kinds of wasted space in the fridge. All made by this wonderful man. That I wouldn’t trade for all the unwasted space in the world.

And this is the same man who stacks the hamburger patties and chicken breasts and frozen veggies in nice, neat little stacks, oldest on top always, in the freezer. Jeesh.

Not that I’m complaining. Really. Why would I complain?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #97 Fridge Space

  1. I am still laughing… perfect post. My favorite is when I leave and he never checks the produce drawers for food and then it all goes bad. I always remind it him he could have given it to the rabbits before it turned slimy. We gotta love ’em.

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