A True Story


Our house is second house from the end of a dead end street, with another dead end street almost directly across from us at a 45º angle. We’ve lived here 12 years, so we know most of the cars and people that come into this area.

Last fall, I was sitting on the sofa and saw a couple of guys with clipboards walking toward the end of the street. I figured that they were selling something probably not legal, and watched as they knocked on first one neighbor’s door, then the another.

One of the fellas went down the dead end street across from our house and the other fella knocked at my door. I opened the inside door with a Louisville Slugger just slightly behind my back. Can’t be too careful these days.

Through the door:

He:     Good afternoon ma’am and how are you this fine day?

Me:     Fine — what are you selling?

He:     I’m not selling anything today, but because the construction company that I work for has an overabundance of shingles because of a purchasing error, I am offering to the fine people in this area a one day only offer to estimate what it would cost to re-shingle your roof at below cost prices. I can see that yours needs to be re-shingled in spots. (I probably should mention that our roof is 3 years old.)

Me:     Really? Well, I can’t make any kind of decision without checking with my husband (I love to play the “little woman” card when it behooves me to do so.) If you’d like to leave a card and any literature you might have, I’ll be sure to have him give you a call back when he gets home.

He:     Well, we’ll be up in this area again because we’ve gotten 4 or 5 re-roofs to do on this street alone in a couple of days. (Yeah, I’m so sure) You can talk to your husband and let us know when we come back.

Me:     Okay, I’ll do that. Have you checked with my neighbors across the street? Their roof really needs some work and I’ll bet they will be glad to talk to you. (I checked across the street — the mister was home, the missus was not)

He:     Great thanks for the tip and I’ll be back in a couple days!! (He’s just about jogging to get across the street)

I shut the door and begin to laugh. I see roofer guy knocking on the front door. The door opens and my PC (my neighbor) appears in the doorway. I see roofer guy waving his hands, gesturing, pointing to the roof, back across the street to me, back to the roof, then to his clipboard…..

Before he can go any further, PC gets a look on his face. I see his hands waving, gesturing toward the roof, pointing across the street, back to the roof, then his finger pointing repeatedly at roofer guy’s chest. Roofer guy is backing up, backing up, tripping over the step and almost going down, backing up and I see his head nodding with his hands up in the air as if to wave him off. He heads around the house and up the other dead end street to find his buddy. Together, they double time it down the street and out of our neighborhood, all the while roofer guy’s hands are gesturing and his mouth is running as fast as his feet.

I don’t think I told you that PC stands for Police Chief.


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