Spring-Like Dawn Sockies for Me, Act II


I’m having a very hard time getting anything done in my house. All I can think about is this sock!! The colors are just knocking me out (Seacoast Handpainted Yarns, colorway Lovebird) and I love the diagonal striping. I’ve finished a little more than what this picture shows. And yes, I have actually done a little housework. The yarn is so fine (I think the term is fingering) that I had to pull out my craft eyeglasses with the flat top bifocal — my progressives just weren’t sharp enough. Ah, the trial and tribulations of getting to “that certain age”. Many thanks to a lady at our knitting night at my LYS, Woolworks a couple of weeks ago. She pointed out toknitting smiley me that I was holding my needles in a death grip, and that no matter how tightly I held my needles, I wouldn’t get my project done any sooner. So she gave me a couple of pointers on how to loosen up and enjoy it a little more. Can I tell you how much better my thumbs feel? I am proud to say that I am no longer a “Black Diamond” knitter!!


2 thoughts on “Spring-Like Dawn Sockies for Me, Act II

  1. fireflynights

    What pretty colors! So very cheerful and spring-like. Maybe even like the dawn rising in a purple-blue sky in front of a row of green trees.

    Know what you mean about the glasses. Should have seen me the first time I tried to crochet with tiny thread instead of yarn. Kept the magnifying glass handy, plus wearing my glasses.

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