PhotoHunt #97 Free



This is my first foray into PhotoHunt. If I seem to need guidance in any way, please let me know.

This pic is from about 4 years ago. Sweet Baboo and I spent a week in New Mexico (a state that I highly recommend you visit, if you are into minimalism). The trip coincided with the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta during October. This picture is from one of the dawn ascension events. (It’s not a great photo, I admit — I’d had my new camera just a few days and I hadn’t figured out the resolution part of it yet.) It was a chilly morning and we sat in a traffic jam for almost an hour trying to get to the fairgrounds. Once the balloons started rising, it was worth it all. Watching them ascend in the beautiful light, so quiet except for the roaring sound when the burners were firing, created a free and dreamy feeling.


And then I had this other memory flit through my mind. Shortly after my separation and subsequent divorce, I remembered removing my wedding ring, looking at the indentation it left behind, and thinking “free, free, free” with a smile on my face.


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